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From ThriftStyle co-author Reise Moore

ThriftStyleMy first trip to a thrift store was a disaster. It was a $2 sale day. All the clothes in the store were $2.  I thought no one had ever been so lucky. I grabbed everything that was remotely cute and walked out with a slight sense of guilt and tremendous victory. Boy, had I got one over on them. Once I got home and started going through the clothes, I realized I had a whole bunch of nothing. I had some cute items, yes, but they were not talking to me. I could not intelligently say they were not my “style” because I had no idea what my style was. The shopping trip was a total bust and I would not thrift again for years after that.

It was handbags that got me back to the thrift store. After my thrift pro sister noticed I had bought some horrendously made handbags for top dollar, she took me thrifting to show what I could find. First trip out, I nabbed a beautiful alligator handbag. I returned those other handbags post haste.

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