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By: Victoria Roberts

Cat lovers will purr-aise this litter of sophisticated kitties

The perfect gift for cat lovers! One of the New Yorker’s star cartoonists, Victoria Roberts brings fun, wit, and charm to these felines as they enjoy the small pleasures. Irresistibly original, elegant, and humorous, Cattitudes is a feline feast for the eyes featuring more than seventy watercolor illustrations. Delight in this eclectic collection of images, all cats of singular talent and endless appeal: they’re literary, artistic, ecclesiastic, acrobatic, and masochistic. There are beautiful cats, international cats, and bad cats and mad cats in need of a little therapy.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Victoria Roberts, author

Born in New York City, Victoria Roberts grew up in Mexico City and Sydney, Australia. In addition to working as a contract cartoonist for the New Yorker for over twenty-five years, she illustrates the New York Times weekly science question. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, BusinessWeek, Town & Country, Real Simple, Readers Digest, and Playboy, among others. She has written/illustrated over twenty-five books, including Women Who Run with the Poodles and You Just Glow. Victoria lives in New York City.

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Editorial Reviews:


Ok, here’s the deal. I found Cattitudes by Victoria Roberts in a pile of books my person had in the corner of his workroom. Now I don’t know what his intent was. Either he was hiding it from me or perhaps he wasn’t going to review it because the book was first released in 1995. Whatever!

The second I began pawing through this little book I meowed, ‘Oh, Mama! This is so, so, so cool!’ There’s no text here so I can’t practice my reading skills but there’s page after page of really super purrfect illustrations of kitties.

Roberts’ watercolors picture cats in all sorts of poses and wearing all types of exotic garb. First there’s a section called Cats of Singular Talent. You’ll find feline facsimiles of such notables as literary pairs Gertrude & Alice, Henry & Anais, and Emily Dickinson & Elizabeth Bishop (OK, so they weren’t really a couple of buddies). Other kitties are dressed up like Rodin, Matisse, Proust, and a wide-eyed Edgar Allan Poe.

Moving on, there is another section devoted to Cats of the Cloth (from monks to nuns), Self-Portraits, Mad Cats, Small Pleasures, Cats in Costume (my all time favorite!), and finally Beauty Cats.

I spent hours (actually about ten minutes!) looking at these pictures and then I crept back over and over again to view them. Ok, I admit I have a short attention span, but at least I didn’t forget where the book was! Finally my person moved the book to the living room coffee table. Maybe the scratches on the cover made him realize this collection of cat art was meant for general consumption!

No matter. The book is out where I can continue to enjoy it along with anyone who visits our humble abode. Victoria Roberts’ cartoons have been featured in The New Yorker magazine for ages so these fantastic felines will look familiar to many folks.


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ISBN: 978-1-62354-023-4

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Page count: 96
7 3/4 x 5 3/4

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