Curiosity Guides: Global Climate Change<br><font size=2>The Book of Essential Knowledge</font>

Curiosity Guides: Global Climate Change
The Book of Essential Knowledge

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By: Ernest Zebrowski, Ph.D. / Foreword by: Alice Madden, J.D., global climate advisor

Climate change? Global warming? What do they mean for our future?

A scientifically accurate introduction, this book unravels the mysteries of nature and settles any issue of “reasonable doubt” about the reality of global climate change.

What is the truth? What are the real effects of environmental damage? Where can we go to get dependable, clearly-written information so we can join in the conversation and take the right action?

If you need to understand what’s in the news, in print, and online about global climate change, this is the one book to read.

Dr. Ernest Zebrowski, a prominent scientist and educator, examines everything from melting glaciers and disappearing snow covers to increased levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, from patterns of climate change through the centuries to the potentially disastrous effects (including rising seas, more violent storms, and alterations in agricultural productivity) of environmental damage.

Author & Illustrator Bios:

Ernest Zebrowski, Ph.D., author

Ernest Zebrowski, Ph.D., has taught disaster science and physics at Penn State, Duquesne University, Louisiana State, and Southern University—where he also developed a doctoral program in science education. His prior books, which have been translated into six languages, include Category 5: The Story of Camille, The Last Days of St. Pierre, Perils of a Restless Planet, and four books on applied physics and mathematics. A native of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Dr. Zebrowski currently lives on St. George Island, Florida.

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Foreword by Alice Madden, J.D., global climate advisor

Editorial Reviews:

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At last there is a book that discusses the subject of climate change in a nontechnical and easily understood manner! Relying entirely on nontechnical and carefully corroborated information, author Ernest Zebrowski takes the reader progressively through both critical concepts and the reliability of information to arrive at what is now an undeniable truth: The Earth's climate is changing through the cumulative effects of its human population. Along the way, the author explains how we know what we have learned, why "global warming" is perhaps a misnomer, what the risks are of local uncertainty, what the impacts are of land and sea ice melting, and even what role chaos theory and strange attractors play--all without trying to force the reader to assimilate or evaluate mathematical or climate change models. The final two chapters are devoted to the human response to a range of associated climate change effects, such as acid rain and changes in the ozone layer, in order to demonstrate that human action can reverse some of the damage that already has been done. He ends with a call for additional action. . . and the likely alternatives if no action is taken. This is an outstanding book for people with limited scientific background who still want to understand what is changing the world in which they live and who want to understand the debate that is playing out today, including the costs and benefits of possible actions.


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