go!games The Sudoku Challenge

go!games The Sudoku Challenge

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By: Terry Stickels and Anthony Immanuvel

You think you know Sudoku?

Take the Sudoku challenge if you dare! Featuring five levels of difficulty, from very easy to very hard, these beautifully and logically constructed grids offer solvers just the right amount of difficulty, allowing them to stay focused and fully enjoy the experience. The creators, Sudoku master Anthony Immanuvel and puzzle guru Terry Stickels, know that if a puzzle becomes too stressful or frustrating, it's probably a flaw in the design--not the person doing it. Unlike lesser puzzles, these never have more than one possible answer, are pleasing to the eye, and involve no guesswork. They're a great way to keep the mind in tip-top shape! See if you can win this challenge match!

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Terry Stickels, author

Terry Stickels is well-known for his three internationally syndicated columns. Frame Games™ and Stickdoku™, seen in USA WEEKEND magazine, are read by over 48 million people in six hundred newspapers weekly. He concurrently writes “Sticklers” for King Features, appearing in over two hundred newspapers daily, including the Washington Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Denver Post, and the Toronto Star. He also is the featured puzzle columnist for the Guardian, London’s largest newspaper. In addition, Terry finds time to write books for both adults and children and do motivational speaking.

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Anthony Immanuvel, Author

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ISBN: 978-1-936140-59-6

Page count: 288
5 x 7 1/2

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