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For Foodies
The New Irish Table book cover

The New Irish Table

by Leslie Conron Carola

Highlighting fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients from provinces across the Emerald Isle, this beautiful, photo-illustrated collection offers inspirational Irish recipes.

For History Buffs
Undercover Girl book cover

Undercover Girl

by Lisa E. Davis

Undercover Girl is both a new chapter in Cold War history and an intimate look at the relationship between the FBI and one of its paid informants. Ambitious and sometimes ruthless, Calomiris defied convention in her quest for celebrity.

For Beatles Fanatics
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band book cover

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

by Brian Southall

Fascinating photographs and text build a complete picture of the world as it was when one of the most famous albums of all time was released.


For Problem Solvers
Hidden Picture Puzzles book cover

Hidden Picture Puzzles

by Gianni A. Sarcone

These beautiful picture puzzles all contain a mystery: hidden or camouflaged figures that play tricks on your eyes. The diverse puzzles each illustrate a different form of illusion.

For Parents & Educators
Reading Picture Books With Children book cover

Reading Picture Books With Children

by Megan Dowd Lambert

Megan shares her groundbreaking technique for reading picture books with young children.

For the Creative
Spectacular Nail Art  book cover

Spectacular Nail Art

by Larit Levy

Discover fashion art, with a world of fabulous colors, unique patterns, and gorgeous embellishments to choose from. These thirty-five designs are eye-catching and ultra-stylish, whether you’re looking to liven up an everyday look or get glam for a special occasion.


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The New Irish Table book cover