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Sushi Specials

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By: Oyamada Yasuto

Fresh, homemade sushi—healthy and delicious.

A mouth-watering follow-up to the successful Sushi: The Beginner’s Guide, this new collection for the experienced sushi crafter offers recipes for more than 50 fabulous dishes, delicious in taste and delightful to the eye.

Providing unique insight on how to respect nature's seasons and colors and which fish to pick when, Sushi Specials offers a delectable collection of advanced recipes. This vibrant collection also tackles techniques and skills that will enable aspiring sushi chefs to prepare the most amazing presentations that any restaurant would be proud to call their own.

Star sushi chef Oyamada Yasuto takes readers through every step of the process with meticulously detailed instructions and easy to follow photographs throughout. At home, readers will be able to recreate the best of the master chef's presentations, from sashimi specials like salmon tataki sumiso and red snapper sugata zukuri, to fusion rolls like crunchy spicy tuna and salmon avocado with soy paper maki to nigirti, gunkan and inari specials of squid and ikura gunkan and asupara butter nigiti.

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Oyamada Yasuto, author

Oyamada Yasuto began as an apprentice in Japan at the age of sixteen, moving to Tokyo to learn the traditional ways of handling fish. From there he moved to New York, working in various restaurants to study under sushi masters. He opened his own restaurants in London and St. Petersburg, Russia. His Japanese fusion style was honed at Morimoto in New York, and his newest restaurant, Fugu, is in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Thirty years ago, most Americans hadn't heard the word "sushi" and would never have considered eating raw fish—wrapped in seaweed, no less. Nowadays, you can hardly swing a mackerel without hitting a sushi restaurant in any urban neighborhood or suburban strip mall. Going out for sushi is getting to be as commonplace as grabbing a pizza, and it shows no signs of letting up.

In Sushi Specials, master sushi chef and restaurateur Oyamada Yasuto shares his expert technique so home cooks can recreate his jewel-like creations. With plenty of elegantly styled photographs, he discusses the necessary ingredients and offers recipes for basic building blocks, popular sushi and sashimi dishes, and his own "Japanese fusion" entrées.

While many cooks may never have the skills or gumption to attempt more than a simple plate of sashimi or sushi, readers will see more complicated presentations of such dazzlers as Crunchy Spicy Tuna or the Tuna and Egg Omelet Maki featured on the front cover with its exquisite mosaic design. The book is also useful for describing the various kinds of sushi—gunkan (nori boats topped with rice and soft ingredients), inari (fried tofu pockets filled with sushi items), and nigiri (rice ovals with fishy tops). Whether this book serves as a how-to cookbook or as a field guide to restaurant outings, Sushi Specials is an excellent choice for all sushi lovers.


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Page count: 128
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