Amazing Braids, Buns & Twists: <br><font size=2>A Step-by-Step Guide to 34 Beautiful Styles</font>

Amazing Braids, Buns & Twists:
A Step-by-Step Guide to 34 Beautiful Styles

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By: Eric Mayost

Every occasion will be a special occasion with these beautiful styles.

The fashion-savvy guide to DIY salon-quality hairstyles every girl will love! By one of the world’s great stylists, learn how to make the perfect bun or classic French twist, and many more!

Whether it’s wavy, straight or curly, long hair allows for so many incredible possibilities. It can look stylish, cool, playful, or ready for the school dance—or be curled, swirled, braided, wrapped, twisted, or tied. In short, the list of options is as long as your hair . . . if not longer! All you need are a few simple tools, a little practice, and this stylish guide filled with a gallery of enticing possibilities. Helpful photos show how to make every part, place every clip, and add every accessory—even extensions.

Choose from a Summertime Swirl, pretty Princess Plaits, and Rippling Rapunzel, to really show off your lovely hair. A classic top knot is wildly dramatic, yet easy for anyone who can master a simple twist and tie. Plus, there are ponytails and fishtails, ringlets and braids, and superstar-worthy waves.

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Eric Mayost, author

Top Tel Aviv hairstylist Eric Mayost is the owner of one of the city's most trendy salons; he has styled hair for ads, television shows, and leading fashion magazines; and he has led professional hairstyling courses and seminars. He is known for creating hairstyles that are innovative and hip. Mayost is also the author of Spectacular Hair (Sterling), Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles (Sterling) and Fabulous Teen Hairstyles (Sterling).

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  • Booklist Top 10 Project Books for Youth
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    Booklist Online

    Classy, glamorous, exquisite, intricate! The 34 hairstyles contained in this guide will be the envy of many young women. In the book’s front matter, stylist Mayost gives definitions, tools, and accessories needed to for the job. Then instructions for each style follow, using a four-page format that begins with a full-page color photograph of the model showing the finished ’do. Step-by-step instructions follow with detailed text and a color photograph to illustrate. The final photo in each section is again of the finished hairstyle. Models represent different ethnic groups and have different hair types. Mayost is known for his elaborate hair designs and cover styles for magazines, so it is not surprising that this guide goes beyond your average French braid. Though it proclaims, “no professional styling skills required,” most of the featured styles are difficult and take between 13 and 15 steps to complete. This is Mayost’s fourth hairstyle book, and it will likely be popular in high school and public libraries.


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    Ages: 10+
    Page count: 144
    8 x 10

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