Unexplained Zodiac

Unexplained Zodiac

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By: Sasha Fenton

The inside story of your zodiac sign.

This is not just another zodiac book: Sasha Fenton, an internationally respected astrologer of many years standing, will blow away everything you thought you knew about astrology.

As she began to work with actual clients, Fenton realized that a gap existed between the "received wisdom" found in the typical guide and the truth of the people she dealt with on a daily basis. While most of us are like our Sun signs to an extent, there's a lot more to the story—and she tells it here, gleaned from more than four decades of experience.

Find out the true nature of the Sun signs, brought to life in all their strangeness. You'll see the other side of the signs that suffered from "bad press" as well as those that are supposedly "soft"; learn some of the various ways the zodiac can be charted; discover what those born under different signs really think of each other; and get numerous Fun factoids, tips and trivia. Of course, charts appear throughout and each sign receives a rich and full analysis, with myths debunked, information on body and health, and lists of favorite colors, gems, metals, and romantic attraction.

With the unexplained explained, and the inside story revealed, you'll finally understand the signs... and how they affect every facet of your, and your loved ones, being.

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Sasha Fenton, author

Sasha Fenton has been a professional astrologer, Tarot reader and palmist as well as an acclaimed author with over 100 books to her credit, with over 6.5 million copies sold and also translated into 11 languages. Her classic book, Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards has been an international bestseller for many years. She lives in Great Britain.

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