We Are Not Refugees<br><font size=2>True Stories of the Displaced</font>

We Are Not Refugees
True Stories of the Displaced

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By: Agus Morales

"The fear of immigrants, of the other, of perceived barbarians, will be the first great conflict of the 21st century." -Tsevetan Todorov, historian and literary theorist

Spanish journalist Agus Morales has lived with displaced men, women, and children around the world. He has helped them, listened to them, and now he tells their stories. 

We are at a moment in history when, due to conflicts around the globe, a great number of people are living in crisis. Agus Morales follows the footsteps of those exiled by violence. He travels to the origins of the conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Southern Sudan, Central America, and more. He immerses himself in the most dangerous routes and in the humiliation refugees suffer. Ultimately, he challenges the constructed image of the refugee as a contemporary enemy, a terrorist, and a criminal. 

"Now, more than ever, this is a book that needed to be written and needs to be read." -Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum

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Author Bio:

Agus Morales, author

Agus Morales has spent the last decade writing about victims of war and refugees. He has been a correspondent for the EFE Agency in South Asia, between India and Pakistan, and has worked with Doctors Without Borders in Africa and the Middle East. Now he is an independent reporter and professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He covered the death of Osama bin Laden, the Ebola epidemic, and the Mediterranean boat rescues. He is the director of the magazine 5W and holds a doctorate in literary theory and comparative literature from the UAB. He lives in Spain. 

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